Facilitates streamlined, automated recruiting. Aids in sourcing candidates, increasing brand presence, and improving productivity.
Klimb is a recruiting experience management platform that combines automation technology, deep recruiting knowledge, and ease of use to redefine the recruiting experience. It is rated #1 in ease of use by recruiters and helps organizations in attracting talented candidates, creating employer branding, sourcing, screening, automating various recruiting operations, and improving recruiter productivity. It also provides tools for managers and leadership to gain visibility into operations, make data-driven decisions, and initiate new activities throughout the recruiting life cycle. Klimb's employee experience feature allows organizations to involve employees in the hiring process through referral campaigns, internal jobs, collaborative interviews, and controlled pipeline visibility. It also offers a centralized recruiting platform that simplifies, streamlines, and automates the end-to-end hiring process. Klimb has received positive testimonials from customers who have praised its simplicity, innovativeness, ease of use, and continuous product enhancement. It has helped reduce time to fill vacancies, enhance talent pipeline and database management, deliver measurable results, and simplify the recruitment process. Klimb is founded by Prashanth Thiruvaipati, former product head of Naukri.com, and ISB alumnus, and is on its way to take its innovative solutions to the global market.