Jungle Scout
Comprehensive platform for growing businesses on Amazon with tools for sellers of all levels.
Jungle Scout is an all-in-one platform designed to help entrepreneurs and brands grow their businesses on Amazon and beyond. They provide a comprehensive suite of software tools and resources for various types of sellers, including first-time sellers, existing Amazon sellers, and global brands and retailers. For first-time sellers, Jungle Scout offers everything they need to find a product and start their Amazon business. They provide tools to make managing the business easy for existing Amazon sellers, allowing them to focus on growth. They also offer insights tailored to the world's largest brands, helping them gain valuable business insights from the Amazon marketplace. The platform features a web-based software suite with tools like Jungle Scout, a browser extension, Keyword Scout, Product Tracker, Rank Tracker, Opportunity Finder, Listing Builder, Product Database, Review Automation, Supplier Database, Sales Analytics, Academy, Advertising Analytics, Inventory Manager, Alerts, Promotions, Category Trends, and Pricing. Additionally, Jungle Scout provides a wealth of resources for sellers, including industry reports, a blog, webinars, and comprehensive guides and case studies. They offer tools for calculating potential profit and estimating product sales. They also provide educational content through video tutorials. Jungle Scout is trusted by leading brands and has received positive feedback from over 600,000 entrepreneurs and major brands worldwide. Users praise the platform for its ease of use, its ability to provide accurate market data, and its impact on their businesses. Overall, Jungle Scout is a valuable tool for anyone looking to sell on Amazon or grow their existing business. With its suite of software tools and resources, it provides critical insights and support for ecommerce success.