An innovation platform facilitating co-creation and design for diverse industries.
jovoto is an innovation platform for brands, products, campaigns, and more. They are a leading marketing innovation platform that accelerates co-creation and design. With jovoto, businesses can collaborate with top talent, stakeholders, and shape their future. They have a diverse community with talents from 153 countries, and they have received a significant number of submissions with original ideas. The platform has facilitated various creative briefs and operates on a digital platform. They prioritize an inside-out and outside-in process, promoting a consumer-centric approach. The platform works in four steps: explore the right insights, connect with top talent and stakeholders, create original ideas, and evaluate the generated ideas using a KPI-driven multi-stage evaluation process. They specialize in various industries, including food and beverages, finance and banking, non-profit, automotive, technology, agencies, and more. Collaboration is key for project success, and jovoto provides access to a network of experts, market research companies, innovation consultants, and boutique agencies to support the entire process from insights to validation and prototyping. Potential customers can easily integrate the co-creation platform into their existing setup. Overall, jovoto offers a comprehensive platform for businesses looking to accelerate their marketing innovation and create impactful solutions.