Streamlines the journal entry process, increases efficiency, reduces errors, and suitable for businesses of various sizes.
Journalize.io is a utility tool that allows users to create instant, auditable journal entries directly from any data source. With Journalize, users can say goodbye to the tedious tasks of using VLOOKUP and Pivot Tables. The platform is loved by both Finance and Engineering teams as it saves time and engineering resources. By using Journalize, users can save days on their close, which can be reallocated to high-level financial planning. Additionally, Journalize helps eliminate human-error by drastically reducing the chances of making mistakes that humans often make. It also enables users to easily locate incorrect data for faster resolutions, thus pin-pointing discrepancies. Journalize is built for volume and complexity, making it suitable for companies with an annual revenue ranging from $3M to $100M. The platform can handle a large number of entries, with an average customer having 137 unique entries. Furthermore, Journalize can handle files with thousands of lines, making it capable of accommodating even the most extensive data sets. Overall, Journalize.io is a user-friendly tool that streamlines the journal entry process, increases efficiency, reduces errors, and is well-suited for businesses of various sizes.