A tool for streamlining talent acquisition workflows and enhancing candidate experiences.
Jobvite is a comprehensive talent acquisition suite that helps enterprises streamline complex workflows and activities related to talent acquisition. With their Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite, companies can expect predictable hiring outcomes, exceptional candidate experiences, and increased recruiting capacity at scale. The suite includes a range of capabilities and tools like recruitment marketing, candidate experience management, interviewing support, talent acquisition AI and automation, diversity, equity, and inclusion features, volume hiring solutions, professional services, and more. Companies can leverage Jobvite's applicant tracking system, career sites, source and CRM tools, analytics and reporting features, employee referral programs, internal mobility support, job broadcasting capabilities, and candidate messaging functionalities. The suite is purpose-built, proven, scalable, and integrates seamlessly with existing tech stacks. By using Jobvite, companies can build a robust talent pipeline, improve the quality of candidates, deliver exceptional experiences to candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers, engage and convert candidates at scale through recruitment marketing and employer brand initiatives, and optimize complex workflows. Jobvite boasts a wide range of customers, with significant statistics such as 0.9 million hires in the past 12 months and integration with top solutions in the market. It has been recognized as a top solution by both customers and analysts. With Jobvite, businesses can effectively address their talent acquisition needs and drive successful recruitment outcomes.