A comprehensive platform for enhancing productivity and automating workflows through data integration and hyperautomation.
Jitterbit is a comprehensive data integration platform that aims to enhance productivity and automate workflows through hyperautomation. Their seamless integration capabilities allow businesses to effortlessly connect systems and build applications to amplify their tech stack. They offer solutions that go beyond just iPaaS (integration platform as a service), including data integration, application development, and process automation. Jitterbit's Harmony platform enables the elimination of data silos, empowering systems, applications, and people to work together seamlessly. They also provide the Vinyl Application Builder, a low-code solution for creating powerful, end-to-end applications with sophisticated logic, workflows, security, and integrations. Jitterbit is trusted by thousands of customers worldwide and offers solutions for various industries and roles such as IT, HR, finance, marketing, and customer experience. The company has received positive reviews from customers, attesting to the excellence that exceeds expectations. Their platform is backed by a range of resources, including a resource center, blog, case studies, solution sheets, testimonials, white papers, webinars, and demos. Jitterbit is supported by a network of partners and offers professional services for managed integration. The company values privacy and security and provides options for individuals to protect their information. Overall, Jitterbit serves as a reliable and powerful tool for businesses looking to optimize their data integration processes, streamline workflows, and drive productivity.