Enhances Webflow CMS with features like real-time search and dynamic filtering. Easily add bookmarking features and integrates with popular platforms.
Jetboost is a no-code tool specifically designed for Webflow CMS that provides a range of powerful features to enhance the functionality of websites without the need for coding. With Jetboost, users can enjoy real-time search capabilities, enabling them to search for specific items directly on their webpages as they type. This feature is particularly useful for those looking to search a single CMS list instead of the entire website. Additionally, Jetboost offers dynamic filtering functionalities, allowing users to easily filter their site content based on categories, tags, or other groupings. Unlike other Javascript plugins such as Mixitup that can be challenging to set up, Jetboost's Dynamic Filters Booster can be implemented effortlessly within minutes. Another notable feature offered by Jetboost is the Favorite CMS Items Booster, which simplifies the process of adding favoriting or bookmarking functionalities to websites. This feature eliminates the need for complicated logic or writing code, making it significantly more efficient and time-saving for web designers. Jetboost also seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Memberstack, MemberSpace, and Outseta. The tool comes highly recommended by satisfied customers who emphasize its ease of use, powerful features, and its ability to simplify the implementation process. Overall, Jetboost is an excellent choice for Webflow users looking to enhance the functionality and user experience of their websites without the need for coding expertise.