A platform that leverages AI and automation for rapid, efficient customer service and support.
Intercom is a customer service solution platform that aims to improve customer satisfaction while reducing the workload of support teams. It combines the power of automation and human support to provide faster resolutions, higher customer satisfaction scores (CSAT), and lighter support volumes. With Intercom's AI-enhanced workspace, teams can maximize productivity by connecting their Inbox, Tickets, and Help Center in one central workspace. The shared Inbox is designed for speed and efficiency, allowing teams to work smarter and collaborate faster. Complex issues can be resolved quickly with tickets optimized for team collaboration and real-time customer updates. Customers can also help themselves by accessing the Help Center, which provides accurate answers when and where they need them. Intercom's breakthrough AI bot, Fin, can resolve 50% of support questions instantly, using sophisticated AI technology. It reduces support volume and provides safe and trustworthy answers based on the support content. In addition, Fin seamlessly transfers complex problems to human support teams for the best customer experience. Intercom also offers proactive support, allowing businesses to onboard, educate, and notify customers with automated messages, reducing support volume and increasing customer satisfaction. The platform also includes features such as Messenger and Omnichannel support, customizable to match the brand with infinite design options, and a single platform that connects all automation, conversations, tickets, customer data, and reporting in one place. With Intercom, businesses can maximize team performance, gain actionable insights, and improve customer support experiences. The platform is trusted by over 25,000 businesses and has been shown to improve conversation handling, reduce conversation volume, and support multiple languages. Intercom's goal is to provide a future-focused customer service solution that streamlines support processes, enhances customer satisfaction, and boosts overall efficiency.