A flexible solution for managing secrets and configurations, boosting security, simplifying auditing, and streamlining development process.
Infisical is an open-source platform designed to securely manage secrets and configurations for developers. It is used by a wide range of users, from small teams to large corporations. With Infisical, developers can save time and boost security in their application development process. The platform offers a comprehensive set of features and capabilities. It provides a single dashboard to manage all secrets and configurations across teams and infrastructure. Infisical processes over 160 million secrets per month, showcasing its scalability and reliability. Key features of Infisical include an environment overview, which allows users to compare secrets across different environments and identify any differences or missing secrets. It also offers secret overrides, allowing users to set personal values for secrets during local development or for sensitive information. Users can easily inherit other secrets for establishing a single source of truth and track every change made to a secret over time through secret versioning. Additionally, Infisical supports point-in-time recovery, allowing users to rollback to any snapshot of secrets. The platform also enables users to write comments and reminders for each secret. Infisical is designed to be universal and can be used on any platform and with any framework. It offers convenient switching between environments and projects, ensuring flexibility and ease of use. The values are automatically synced across teams and infrastructure, eliminating the need for manual synchronization. The platform provides robust security measures, automatically identifying and preventing secret leaks to Git through continuous monitoring and precommit checks. It supports over 140 secret types and integrates natively with various infrastructure components, such as Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, and more. Infisical offers SDKs for major programming languages, simplifying encryption and decryption processes for developers. It also provides APIs for performing any secret operations that may be required. With Infisical, users can easily set permissions for every user in their organization and generate audit reports for compliance purposes. The platform is built with a focus on security, being open-source and end-to-end encrypted. It allows users to self-host the platform and ensures data never leaves their infrastructure. Infisical also maintains the highest security standards in the industry, following a zero-knowledge architecture to prevent unauthorized access to data. The platform has gained recognition and positive feedback from developers. It has a passionate and growing open-source community, with over 80 contributors and 7,200 GitHub stars. In summary, Infisical is a powerful and versatile platform that offers enterprise-level security for managing secrets and app configurations. It provides a comprehensive set of features, including secret management, syncing, versioning, and auditing. With its open-source nature, flexible integrations, and emphasis on security, Infisical is a reliable choice for developers looking to enhance their security posture and streamline their development process.