Online education provider specializing in IT training for various fields, offering on-demand, practical learning experiences.
INE is a trusted global leader in online IT training for various fields such as networking, cyber security, cloud management, and data science. They offer a comprehensive learning platform that focuses on practical, hands-on learning experiences for individuals of all skill levels. INE provides access to over 18,000 videos of instructor-led content, allowing learners to train on-demand and at their own pace. Their expert instructors, who are industry professionals and leading experts in their respective fields, ensure that learners receive high-quality, up-to-date information and guidance. INE's training materials are well-organized and structured, with learning paths available for different subjects and certifications. They also offer resources such as quizzes, labs, projects, and exercises to reinforce knowledge and provide real-world application. INE regularly updates their course offerings to ensure learners have access to the latest industry trends and technologies. Overall, INE is a valuable resource for individuals seeking to enhance their IT skills and advance their careers.