A platform for improving email placement and deliverability, with alerts and advanced analytics.
InboxAware is a platform that helps businesses achieve record-breaking inbox placement and email deliverability. With InboxAware, you can protect your sending reputation, ensure deliverability with seed testing, and track email performance. The platform offers advanced analytics that provide a holistic overview of your emails' performance and allows you to deep-dive into each factor that impacts your email performance and inbox placement. InboxAware also provides automated alerts and threshold monitoring to protect your sending reputation, as well as custom dashboards to track email performance progress. The platform's blog and help center contain resources created by industry-leading experts. According to a statistic from Statista in 2020, spam messages accounted for 53.95% of email traffic, highlighting the importance of using an email verification service like InboxAware. To get started with InboxAware and improve your email deliverability, you can sign up for a demo on their website.