An automation platform integrating over 800 apps, services and devices for increased productivity.
IFTTT (If This Then That) is a platform that allows users to easily automate their favorite apps and devices. With IFTTT, users can integrate and connect various services, creating custom automations to make their home more relaxing and their work more productive. The platform supports over 800 apps, services, and devices, making it one of the leading no-code platforms on mobile. Users can automate from anywhere, anytime using the iOS and Android apps. IFTTT offers powerful features such as filter code, queries, multiple actions, and the ability to connect multiple accounts per service, giving users full control over their integrations. Whether it's creating powerful events on an Android device, improving SEO strategy, or personalizing voice assistants, IFTTT offers unlimited ways to connect and automate tasks. The platform is trusted by millions of users and world-renowned brands. IFTTT also offers a partner program, providing access to 20 Applets, multiple actions, and other advanced features.