Offers extensive UX design courses and a global community for UX professionals. Useful for skill advancement in UX design, design thinking, and usability.
IxDF (Interaction Design Foundation) is a platform that offers a wide range of UX design courses and a global community for UX professionals. With over 30 courses taught by industry experts and recognized certificates, it provides an opportunity for individuals to learn and advance their skills in UX design, design thinking, user research, and usability. The courses are designed for beginners as well as professionals, covering various levels of expertise. The platform allows for self-paced learning, providing flexibility to study anywhere and anytime with an internet connection. Graduates from IxDF have experienced career growth, with job opportunities increasing in the UX design industry, and salaries reaching upwards of $110k in cities like San Francisco and New York. Additionally, IxDF offers a community membership that connects individuals with other UX professionals through meetups held in 493 cities worldwide. This allows for networking opportunities and career advancement. The platform also offers the option to take all the courses at a single fee of $16 per month, making high-quality design education more accessible. With a large user base of 157,844 members and counting, IxDF has gained the trust of global companies who use their educational material to train their teams. Overall, IxDF serves as a comprehensive platform for individuals looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in UX design and build a successful career in the field.