Provides 6000+ icons for free personal and commercial use across various styles and formats.
Iconsax is the official icon pack of the Vuesax framework, offering a vast collection of 6000 icons across various styles. These icons are available for free personal and commercial use but cannot be sold or distributed under a different name. Users can download the icons in their preferred formats, including .Fig, .Xd, .Sketch, .CSS, Flutter, .SVG, .AI, and .Jar. The icons are perfectly balanced and based on a 24px grid, ensuring precise rendering. The available styles of icons include Linear, Bulk, Two Tone, Bold, Outline, and Broken. There is even a provision for v2 of Iconsax in the near future. For any permissions regarding usage of the icon pack for creating templates or UI kits, users can reach out to the official Vuesax contact page. The Iconsax website is copyright protected under Vuesax and was created by Vuesax in 2021.