Hyperseed Billing
Hyperseed Billing
A comprehensive solution to automate and customize billing workflows with seamless integration to CRM, ERP, and GL systems.
Hyperseed Billing is a comprehensive billing solution that allows finance teams to automate and customize their billing workflows using spreadsheet formulas. With Hyperseed, businesses can eliminate billing limitations and the need for implementation specialists. The platform integrates seamlessly with popular CRM, ERP, and GL systems, allowing users to use data sources as billing dimensions. Hyperseed also offers subscription and contract management capabilities. One of the key advantages of Hyperseed is that it puts finance teams in control of the billing environment. There are no black boxes or engineering help required. Billing dimensions and logic can be defined using familiar spreadsheet formulas, providing flexibility and scalability. The platform can integrate with various accounting, CRM, and ERP tools, ensuring that there are no limits to billing logic definitions. Hyperseed is a versatile toolkit that offers custom invoice logic and integration flexibility. Users can select from preset plans such as subscription, usage-based, and tiered, or create their own plans with custom pricing logic. The platform can import data or integrate with CRM, ERP, and database sources of truth. Multiple data sources can be used to set dimensions of invoicing logic, such as foreign exchange rates and add-on services. Hyperseed performs the necessary arithmetic based on billing plan logic and data. The platform also provides individual invoice control, allowing for modifications such as pro-rating and discounting. Users can easily verify and modify invoice math using formulas. Invoices can be sent and payments collected using preferred systems. Hyperseed's drill-down dashboard enables strategic management of accounts receivable, offering tools for review, collections, and revenue forecasting. Users can simulate additional revenue potential and compare historic revenues with simulations. Hyperseed has been successfully used by fintech and data platform companies with hybrid subscription and usage pricing models. One customer, for example, used QuickBooks for invoicing but faced challenges in modifying invoices before billing cycles closed. Hyperseed acted as the invoice management interface, generating upcoming invoices and allowing modifications before dispatch. Another customer used Stripe for payments and Xero as their general ledger. Hyperseed imported usage and customer data, managed subscriptions, and integrated with their service platform, freeing up product development resources. Overall, Hyperseed Billing offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for automating and customizing billing workflows. Its integration capabilities, flexibility, and ability to handle complex pricing models make it a valuable tool for finance teams looking to streamline their billing processes.