A comprehensive CRM platform providing marketing, sales, service, and website-building tools. Enables seamless data, team, and customer connections.
HubSpot is a comprehensive CRM platform that offers a wide range of software, tools, and resources to help businesses grow. With over 184,000 customers across 120 countries, HubSpot provides marketing, sales, service, operations, and website-building software on one platform. The platform allows businesses to seamlessly connect their data, teams, and customers, enabling them to focus on what matters most - their customers. HubSpot's CRM platform consists of five core products: Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub, and Operations Hub. Each product is connected to the same underlying CRM database, providing valuable insights into every contact at each stage of their customer journey. HubSpot's software offers features such as lead generation, marketing automation, analytics, advanced CRM, tickets, customer feedback, knowledge base, website content management, and much more. Additionally, HubSpot provides resources such as the HubSpot Academy with over 477,000 certified professionals, a blog with 7 million monthly visits, and various tools and templates to help businesses succeed. With 24/7 customer support, personalized onboarding services, free courses and certifications, developer tools, and special pricing for startups, HubSpot is committed to helping businesses of all sizes thrive. Overall, HubSpot's powerful and interconnected software, combined with their extensive resources and support, makes it an ideal solution for businesses looking to grow and improve their customer relationships.