HTML Color Codes
HTML Color Codes
Offers tools and resources for finding and using HTML color codes efficiently.
HTML Color Codes is a website that provides users with a variety of tools and resources to easily find and use HTML color codes for their websites. The site features a color picker that allows users to input Hex color codes, RGB, and HSL values to find the perfect color for their website. Additionally, they offer a color chart that showcases various color combinations, including flat design colors, Google's Material design scheme, and the classic web safe color palette. For users who want to browse color options, the site offers a color library with over 100+ shades to choose from. HTML Color Codes also provides HTML and CSS tutorials for beginners, as well as resources such as color palette generators and free stock photo sites. The site explains the basics of HTML color codes, including Hex color code notation, and provides a list of common HTML color codes for quick reference. Overall, HTML Color Codes is a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to find and use HTML color codes efficiently for their website design.