Cloud-based software for managing hotel operations, maximizing revenue, and improving guest experiences.
Hotelogix is a comprehensive cloud-based hotel management software that allows hoteliers to streamline and manage all hotel operations from a single dashboard. Trusted by over 200,000 users across 100+ countries, Hotelogix helps hotels maximize revenue and deliver unmatched guest experiences. With Hotelogix, hotels can manage reservations, optimize daily operations, handle payments, housekeeping, and more. The software enables 20% increase in revenues, 45% boost in online bookings, 60% savings in staff time, and 300% more guest reviews. Hotelogix offers features such as a cloud-based property management system, a powerful web booking engine for commission-free direct bookings, a smart channel manager for real-time inventory and rate updates on all channels, a simple mobile PMS for hotel operations on the go, over 100 operations reports for data-driven decision-making, automated guest review management, efficient housekeeping updates, smart front desk solutions, and 24x7 support. Hotelogix has been acclaimed by customers for its cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and real-time capabilities. The software has helped hotels overcome challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as integration with channel managers and increasing occupancy rates. Hotelogix also prioritizes the guest experience and provides expert support to ensure successful implementation. With thought leadership resources and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Hotelogix is a leading choice for hotels looking to simplify their operations and enhance their business.