A robust client portal for efficient communication in law firms. It automates case updates and simplifies form submissions while enhancing customer satisfaction.
Hona is a client communication portal software designed for law firms and other industries. It aims to provide a white-glove client experience by automating case status updates and keeping clients informed. With its features, Hona reduces workload for law firms and improves customer satisfaction. Hona allows customers to easily fill out and submit forms, eliminating the need for uploads, emails, and signature requests. It integrates with existing case management tools, automatically updating clients when changes are made. Additionally, Hona enables firms to gather and showcase customer reviews, turning satisfied clients into a marketing tool. The software seamlessly integrates with case management systems through its dynamic API, providing clients with automated and educational case updates. Hona also offers a demo to showcase its capabilities. Overall, Hona is a time-saving solution that enhances client communication and streamlines the client journey for law firms and other businesses.