Holvi Europe
Holvi Europe
Comprehensive online business banking with invoicing and bookkeeping solutions for solopreneurs and teams.
Holvi Europe offers a comprehensive online business banking solution for solopreneurs and teams. With Holvi, you can simplify your work life by managing your business finances, invoicing, and bookkeeping all in one place. For solopreneurs, Holvi provides tools such as SEPA transfers, smart payment cards (debit, credit, and virtual cards), invoicing and e-invoicing capabilities, receipt scanning for tidy bookkeeping, integrations with accounting software, and a VAT calculator. Teams can benefit from Holvi's team debit cards powered by Mastercard, the ability to manage card usage for individual team members, instant notifications for every card transaction, no expense claims as team expenses are paid from the business account in real time, and financial insights to track spending and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs). In addition to these features, Holvi offers online banking, bookkeeping tools for tax preparation, a mobile app for managing business finances on the go, invoicing capabilities with instant notifications for paid invoices, customer support through their help centre, and fast answers from their customer support team. Holvi also provides virtual debit cards for added security and cost control during online purchases. The company has received positive feedback from customers who have found value in Holvi's ability to manage cash flow in real time, make running a business easier, and conveniently manage finances on the go. Holvi offers a simple three-step process to open an account online or through their app. Pricing and plans are available for different countries in Europe, including Germany, Finland, and Austria. Holvi is regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland as an Authorised Payment Institution, providing assurance for the management and safeguarding of customer funds. Overall, Holvi aims to simplify work life by providing a comprehensive suite of business banking solutions tailored for solopreneurs and teams.