A Gmail-based multi-channel support system eliminating the need for multiple tools.
Hiver is the world's first Gmail-based helpdesk, designed to deliver brilliant customer support directly within Gmail. It offers a multi-channel support system, integrating email, live chat, knowledge base, and voice communication all within the Gmail platform. With over 10,000 teams worldwide using Hiver for various purposes such as customer service, finance operations, people operations, and ITSM, it eliminates the need to switch between multiple tools. Hiver brings all communication channels, including email, live chat, and voice channel support, to the left panel of Gmail, making it convenient for teams to manage all their support interactions from a single interface. It also enables the creation of internal and external knowledge bases, promoting self-service and deflecting queries. Hiver offers specific solutions tailored for customer service, finance operations, people operations, and ITSM, allowing teams from different departments to benefit from its features. Setting up and using Hiver is extremely intuitive, and as it works on top of Gmail, users can leverage all of Gmail's AI capabilities. Hiver prides itself on providing white-glove onboarding and 24/7 support for all plans, helping customers save between 35%-50% compared to other helpdesk solutions. Hiver's customers highly appreciate the user-friendly interface and the ability to handle support within Gmail, without the complexities of a separate ticketing system. With impressive case studies from companies like Oxford Business Group, Flexport, and Clutter, Hiver has proven to be efficient in improving teams' response time and accuracy. In addition to customer support, Hiver offers resources such as a help center, blog, and guides to assist users. With its focus on efficiency and convenience, Hiver is a powerful tool for teams on Google Workspace looking to streamline their support operations.