A productivity platform enabling teams to manage projects, track tasks, and collaborate effectively.
Hive is a productivity platform that is designed to help fast-moving teams manage projects, track tasks, and collaborate more effectively. It is the number one project management platform for hybrid work, shaped by users. With Hive, teams of all sizes can easily manage and execute projects with features such as multi-step projects, document and video proofing, approval workflows, and project templates. The platform offers various project views, including Gantt view, Kanban view, table view, calendar view, and portfolio view, allowing users to visualize and track project timelines and progress. Hive also provides visibility across the entire organization, offering color-coded and customized project and action status, personalized pages for a bird's eye view of what matters, and workspace activity for teams and individuals. Collaboration is made easy with Hive, as it enables users to turn meetings into interactive affairs with clear next steps thanks to notes and hangouts. Additionally, Hive offers HiveMind, an AI assist that helps eliminate creative blocks by delivering higher converting content, email subject lines, copy translations, and the perfect response to messages. With over 1,000 integrations, Hive can bring information from various tools into one centralized dashboard for maximum efficiency. Hive serves a wide range of teams, including marketing, design, operations, agencies, and enterprises, and has been used by non-profits, universities, hospitals, creative teams, and consumer companies worldwide. Overall, Hive is a comprehensive and versatile productivity platform that enables teams to manage projects faster, track tasks effectively, and collaborate better.