Streamlines hiring processes through applicant tracking, interview scheduling and job posting.
Hire.win is an applicant tracking and recruiting software that provides a simple yet powerful hiring solution for companies of all sizes. With Hire.win, users can streamline their hiring process, find top talent, and make smarter hiring decisions. The software offers an instant Careers Page that allows companies to list their job openings and a powerful Applicant Tracking Dashboard to efficiently manage candidates. Hire.win offers multiple customization options for the Careers Page, including theme color. The software is used by companies big and small, with testimonials from Arthentic, People Tree Recruitment, and ExxonMobil praising Hire.win as the best careers page money can buy and a truly value-for-money ATS. Along with the Careers Page, Hire.win provides a fully customizable Applicant Tracking System and a pre-configured Interview Kit. The software features lightning-fast 1-click interview scheduling, allowing users to easily schedule interviews and send meeting invitations to everyone involved in the interview. Another standout feature of Hire.win is the ability to add multiple companies and easily switch between them, making it ideal for recruiting agencies and freelance recruiters who deal with multiple companies at once and need a way to separate their data. For a flat monthly price of $29/month, the Recruiter Plan offers incredible features such as job post links, candidate file uploads, and an activity timeline of the candidate. Hire.win emphasizes the importance of data control and security, assuring users that their data stays with them forever and they have full control over the information they share. The software also allows users to communicate within the platform, eliminating the need to switch between tools. With an applicant tracking system and recruiting software like Hire.win, all the information regarding a company's hiring process is stored in one place, providing easy access to hiring managers and eliminating the need for multiple tools. Hire.win promotes effortless collaboration with team members, allowing users to invite as many internal or external team members as needed without any additional charges. The software offers a Jobs Overview page that displays all active jobs and the number of candidates in each hiring stage, helping hiring managers prioritize work. Creating an instant Careers Page with Hire.win is a simple four-step process: sign up, create a job, copy the job post link, and share the job post to start receiving applicants. Hire.win also provides a board view to quickly review candidates across hiring stages and enables team collaboration through comments and feedback on candidates. The software caters to a wide range of users, including companies of any size, staffing agencies, and freelance recruiters. Hire.win offers a free plan with three active jobs and essential applicant tracking features. The software's pricing model is flat, meaning users pay a flat monthly fee and can create unlimited jobs, companies, and onboard unlimited hiring team members. Overall, Hire.win provides a comprehensive solution for companies and recruiters looking to streamline their hiring process and find the best talent.