An insight tool for a complete view of customer digital interactions to improve business conversions and user experience.
Heap is a digital insights platform that provides complete understanding of customers' digital journeys, allowing businesses to improve conversion, retention, and customer satisfaction. With over 10,000 companies using Heap, it has proven to be a valuable tool for understanding end-to-end customer journeys, increasing adoption by 20%, conversions by 30%, and personal loan volume by over $1 million. Heap offers a comprehensive solution for creating great digital experiences, automatically capturing the entire digital experience of every user on every platform without the need for engineering work. Its advanced data science capabilities uncover key moments of friction and opportunity, helping businesses optimize their digital experiences. Additionally, Heap's integrated session replay feature provides full context on user actions, allowing businesses to fully understand user behavior and make informed decisions. With over 100 integrations, Heap ensures that the right information is delivered to the right customers at the right moment. The platform also highlights alternate user paths, effort levels, and events that correlate with conversion and retention, providing valuable insights for optimizing business strategies. Heap bridges the gap between quantitative and qualitative tools, giving users complete visibility into user actions and facilitating data-driven decision-making. Implementations and integration have been smooth as it has become a top-ranked product analytics tool trusted by many businesses.