Streamlines form creation through easy submissions collection, with capabilities for 3rd-party integration and spam protection.
Headlessforms is a user-friendly form backend tool that allows online form creators to easily collect submissions without the need for coding or additional infrastructure. With Headlessforms, you can quickly build high-quality HTML forms and connect them to popular apps, making it perfect for JAMStack and API-driven static websites. It offers easy integration with platforms like WordPress, Netlify, Vercel, GitHub Pages, and more. The tool provides a customizable dashboard for clients, various spam protection options, auto responders, integration with thousands of marketing tools, routing, and Excel download capabilities. It also offers features such as instant notifications, newsletter subscription forms, and seamless 3rd-party integrations. Headlessforms has a leading-edge backend solution that caters to the needs of both developers and non-developers, and it even offers a no-code WordPress plugin. The tool allows for conditional logic, automates submission processing, provides entry management, and ensures spam protection. With its powerful features, customizable forms, and easy-to-use interface, Headlessforms is the ultimate solution for efficiently managing form submissions.