Haven AI
An AI platform for automating resident communication and lead management in property industries.
Haven AI is an advanced Artificial Intelligence platform that specializes in managing and nurturing leads for property management teams. With Haven AI, you can automate resident communications, including inquiries via phone, SMS, and email. This AI-powered system provides a 24/7 reception, ensuring that residents receive instant responses at any hour. Haven AI seamlessly integrates with your existing property management software (PMS), pulling relevant account and property data. It offers detailed insights about your properties and operations, helping you unlock powerful information to improve your business. Additionally, Haven AI provides after-hours support, immediately answering resident inquiries around the clock. The platform also follows up on open tickets, automatically closing the loop with residents. With Haven AI, residents can get answers to their questions in seconds, handling specific requests such as checking account details and booking amenities. This system ensures smooth operations and data consistency by integrating with your existing systems and logging all interactions. Haven AI is not just a chatbot or property management software; it acts as a virtual team mate, supporting your onsite teams and fighting staff burnout. By using Haven AI, you can respond to every resident inquiry instantly and accurately, automate follow-ups on open tickets, and free up time for improving your community and growing your portfolio.