A software platform to enhance DevOps processes, automation, and promote developer efficacy.
Harness is a modern software delivery platform that offers a range of features and capabilities to simplify and improve the DevOps processes. It includes CI, CD, GitOps, feature flags, cloud cost management, security testing orchestration, service reliability management, chaos engineering, software engineering insights, and continuous error tracking. Harness leverages AI across the software delivery lifecycle to automate tasks such as canary verifications, test prioritization, determining the impact of changes, and automating cloud costs. The platform provides a developer-first experience, allowing users to manage delivery pipelines using familiar tools like YAML, Git commits, and pull requests. Harness enables automation and integration of various processes in a single pipeline, including CI, CD, GitOps, infrastructure-as-code, feature flags, change tracking, and more. It also provides automated governance and guardrails to ensure security and compliance. Harness has been reported to save 50-60% of DevOps and engineering time compared to previous CI/CD processes. Overall, Harness is a comprehensive and enterprise-ready solution that is loved by developers and trusted by businesses, helping them deliver software faster, improve reliability, optimize cloud costs, enhance security, and make data-driven engineering decisions.