A 3D illustration library for diverse hand gestures. Allows extensive customization for design projects.
HANDZ is a 3D illustration library that offers a collection of free and premium 3D hands gestures for various occasions. The free version includes source (.blend) files, 320+ rendered PNG files, 12 hands gestures, 9 color skins, and 3 variations of sleeves, providing users with over 320 combinations of hands right out of the box. On the other hand, the premium version offers everything in the free version, as well as additional features such as 1,200+ rendered PNG files, 11 hand gestures, 12 hand gestures with mobile phones, 6 color skins, 4 hand gestures with a tablet, 3 hand gestures with Samsung Gear, 3 hand gestures with Apple Watch, 2 Mac screens, 2 rings, a tutorial on exploring the library, and the option to purchase robotic or monster hands, allowing for more than 1,200 combinations of hands. HANDZ allows users to express themselves with any color skin they desire, catering to their individuality and creativity. The library also provides source Blender files (.blend), enabling users to customize the colors and create unique variations as per their needs. With endless possibilities for customization and combinations, users are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild and freely explore, combine, and create with the library. In addition to HANDZ, the creator, ThreeDee, offers a range of other 3D illustration libraries. CHARACTERZ is the largest single library of 3D diverse characters, offering over 100,000,000 combinations of characters and 9,000+ rendered PNG files. AVATARZ is a diverse library of 3D avatars with over 8,000 combinations and step-by-step tutorials on customization. ICONZ features 223 3D icons with source files and 2,300+ rendered PNG files. Animalz offers a collection of 3D cute animals, while EMOJIZ provides high-quality animated emojis. HEADZ serves as an alternative to Apple memoji, offering 400,000+ combinations of fully rigged 3D heads with tutorials and easy animation. Lastly, ILLUSTRATIONZ is a massive library combining over 167 million 3D characters, including adults, kids, pets, and elders, with thousands of PNG and source files and tutorials. Overall, HANDZ and the other 3D illustration libraries by ThreeDee provide users with an extensive collection of customizable assets, allowing for limitless creativity and flexibility in their design projects.