Streamlines workforce management for construction businesses, consolidating essential tasks. Reduces reliance on manual paperwork.
Hammr is an all-in-one platform specifically designed for construction businesses, aimed at helping them save time and money. The platform combines several essential features including Time Tracking, Payroll, Insurance, and Job Costing, streamlining these processes into one convenient place. With Hammr, contractors can eliminate the chaos of managing multiple systems and reduce time spent on office work. The platform offers a ridiculously simple time tracking app for the field, efficient payroll management for both employees and 1099 contractors, real-time insights into people and projects through job costing, and easy streamlining of benefits via Hammr's HR and insurance functionalities. Hammr is trusted by leading contractors in the industry and is designed to be simple for the field and powerful for the office. The platform eliminates the need for manual paperwork or spreadsheets and provides contractors with confidence by centralizing all their workforce management needs. Hammr is built with contractor's needs in mind and was founded by someone who understands the challenges faced by contractors. With Hammr, contractors can focus on what matters most - building projects. A free demo is available for those interested in experiencing the benefits of Hammr.