Generative AI platform enabling businesses to create video documentation swiftly and easily.
Guidde is a website that offers a generative AI platform for businesses to create video documentation. With Guidde, teams are able to create video documentation 11x faster than traditional methods. The website provides a browser extension that allows users to easily capture their workflow and automatically generate a step-by-step description of the process. Additionally, users can personalize their videos by selecting from over 100 different voices and languages for the AI generated voiceover. Guidde also offers an editor that allows users to design visually appealing documentation without the need for professional design skills. The platform supports smart sharing, allowing users to share their videos with a link or embed them in their organization. The website includes testimonials from users who have found Guidde to be a valuable tool for solving challenges, creating high-quality documentation with minimal effort, and decreasing support tickets. Overall, Guidde is a powerful tool that enables businesses to create professional video documentation quickly and easily.