A comprehensive software solution to improve, optimize, and streamline all aspects of the hiring & onboarding process.
Greenhouse is a comprehensive hiring software solution that goes beyond the capabilities of traditional applicant tracking systems (ATS). It serves as a hiring operating system for people-first companies, offering advanced features and a structured hiring approach to help businesses improve their hiring process. With Greenhouse, companies can optimize every aspect of hiring, from finding and hiring the best talent to reducing bias and improving diversity. The software also focuses on amplifying team efficiency and business impact, as well as measuring, iterating, and continuously improving the hiring process. In addition to its recruiting features, Greenhouse provides onboarding solutions to integrate new hires into the team quickly, design personalized welcome experiences, and apply consistent and fair processes. The platform also offers sourcing automation capabilities to help hiring teams find, reach, and engage top talent effectively. Greenhouse has received positive feedback from users, with accolades for its dashboards, task management, candidate review and interview flow, and overall organization and seamlessness of the hiring process. It also offers resources, such as a buyer's toolkit, to help businesses evaluate and implement a more robust talent acquisition solution. Greenhouse is trusted by various companies and is continuously improving its offerings to meet the evolving needs of the hiring industry.