Create and manage invoices, estimates and keep track of payments efficiently on Mac.
GrandTotal is a Mac application that allows users to create invoices and estimates quickly and efficiently. It is compatible with various other programs and services such as Timings, mite, toggl, Tyme, MoneyMoney, Receipts, and more. With GrandTotal, users can not only create invoices and estimates but also keep track of outstanding payments. The application provides detailed statistics and graphs to give users insight into the current state of their business and allows for easy comparison to previous periods. The flexible editor in GrandTotal enables users to customize the layout of their invoices to match their stationary documents. The application supports multiple companies/business units and offers synchronizable multi-user file format for efficient workflow. It also supports various tax settings, foreign currencies, and offers extensive support for third-party applications. GrandTotal is compatible with macOS 10.13 or newer, and offers features like PDF-Backdrops, drag-and-drop support, and PDF/A-Export. It also supports electronic invoices and integrates with ZUGFeRD 1 & 2, PEPPOL, Factur-X, and EN16931 for international invoicing standards. Additionally, GrandTotal integrates with popular work time recorders like Tyme, Timing, and various other applications including accounting and banking software, e-commerce platforms like GarageSale, and email clients like Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook. The application supports importing and exporting data from Microsoft Excel and Apple Numbers, and offers various features and editions to cater to different user needs. GrandTotal is a comprehensive invoicing and estimating tool for Mac users, offering efficiency, flexibility, and extensive integrations. It provides users with a wide range of features and capabilities to manage their invoicing needs effectively.