Graceful Efforts
Graceful Efforts
Aids in efficient and simplified project management with built-in techniques. Enables focus on core expertise.
Graceful Efforts is a project management website that aims to help individuals who have project lead or project manager responsibilities but are passionate about other things as well. The website offers project management software that allows users to manage their projects efficiently while focusing on their true passion. The software implements important project management techniques and best practices, tracking the interactions between the small components of a project, so the team can focus on their core expertise. Unlike other project management apps, Graceful Efforts already has built-in techniques and best practices, eliminating the need for users to have prior knowledge in project management. The website emphasizes minimalism and essential features, which include breaking down projects into smaller tasks, planning and understanding the order of tasks, assigning team members to specific tasks, tracking project budget and costs, saving project templates for future use, and even creating custom functionalities. Graceful Efforts follows a B2B pricing model, with a flat fee of $8.00 USD per user, per month. The website also highlights their commitment to quality management, information security, GDPR compliance for data protection, and the use of 100% renewable energy for their servers.