A video-based engagement tool catered to enhance enrolment and retention in higher education.
Goodkind is an engagement platform designed specifically for higher education institutions. It is a video-based platform that combines authenticity with automation to boost enrollment and retention rates. Goodkind offers several solutions to help universities and colleges engage with students effectively. These solutions include Goodkind Video Messaging, Goodkind SMS, Goodkind Chatbots, and Goodkind Reels. The platform has been successful, with over 5 million video messages sent, an average ROI of 13x in the first year, and over 10,000 users. Goodkind is trusted by over 50 institutions and has received positive feedback from leaders in higher education. It is a comprehensive platform that covers various aspects of student engagement, including Enrollment Management, Student Success, Financial Aid, and Advancement. Goodkind products work together seamlessly to create strong connections with students at every stage of the student journey. The platform also offers integrations and provides real-time data imports and exports. There are case studies available on the website that showcase how higher education institutions have successfully used Goodkind to improve their recruitment and engagement strategies. Goodkind is a powerful tool for universities and colleges looking to enhance their student experience and improve enrollment and retention rates.