An open-source server for continuous delivery and automation. Offers complex workflow modeling, cloud-native deployments, advanced traceability, & plugin architecture.
GoCD is an open source continuous delivery and release automation server designed to help enterprise businesses deliver software faster, safer, and more reliably. With GoCD, you can easily model and visualize complex workflows, allowing you to streamline your continuous integration and continuous deployment processes. The platform offers features such as end-to-end visualization of your production path, cloud-native deployments on popular environments like Kubernetes and AWS, complex workflow modeling with parallel execution and dependency management, and advanced traceability to troubleshoot broken pipelines. GoCD integrates with various external tools and services through its extensible plugin architecture, making upgrades painless and providing access to numerous high-quality, curated plugins. Additionally, the GoCD community offers an active forum where users and contributors share best practices and discuss various topics related to continuous delivery. As an open-source project, sponsored by Thoughtworks Inc. under the Apache License, Version 2.0, GoCD is a reliable and flexible solution for organizations looking to enhance their software delivery process.