Facilitates GST compliance by managing invoices, filing, and tracking for businesses in India.
GimBooks is a comprehensive GST billing software that offers a range of features to help businesses stay compliant with GST regulations in India. With their online invoice generator and GST invoice manager, users can easily create professional invoices that meet the requirements of GST compliance. The software also provides support for e-invoices, e-way bills, and GSTR filing, making it a one-stop business app for all invoicing, filing, and voucher needs. GimBooks boasts impressive statistics, including over 100% GST compliance, 25 lakh+ downloads, 1 crore+ invoices made, 5000+ GST returns, and 2 lakh+ e-way bills generated. These numbers demonstrate the popularity and reliability of the software. The platform covers all aspects of invoicing, including quotations, purchase bills, payment receipts, credit notes, and more. It also offers inventory management features, allowing users to manage stock levels and receive alerts for low stock, preventing missed orders. One of the standout features of GimBooks is its real-time reporting capability, which provides users with valuable business insights. Businesses can access live reports to stay informed and make informed decisions based on accurate data. The software also integrates with banking systems, enabling smooth transactions by making vendor payments and collecting payments from buyers directly through the platform. This integration streamlines the billing process and ensures efficient financial management. GimBooks stands out as India's most powerful and easy-to-use GST invoice manager, catering to businesses across various industries. The software offers customized invoicing templates and industry-specific interfaces, allowing users to tailor their invoicing and accounting processes according to their specific needs. Overall, GimBooks is a reliable and user-friendly GST billing software that offers a comprehensive set of features to simplify invoicing, manage inventory, and ensure GST compliance. With its extensive range of capabilities, including real-time reporting and integrated banking, it is an ideal solution for businesses in need of an efficient and effective invoicing and accounting platform.