Provides a wide range of software solutions for SMBs, covering network management, security, and communication.
GFI is a trusted company that offers a variety of software solutions for SMBs worldwide. With over 40,000+ customers, they provide products in the areas of network management, security, and communication. Their network solutions include tools for managing network and application performance, as well as controlling network traffic. For security, GFI offers firewall, VPN, and UTM solutions, along with automated patch management. In terms of communication, they provide email, calendar, and collaboration solutions, as well as paperless faxing. GFI is known for their easy-to-use software that allows for customized solutions. They also have an extensive product library, which includes data storage, anti-spam, and email security solutions. GFI's software is trusted and their products are delivered through a global network of partners. For those interested in becoming a partner, they offer a partner program and a partner portal. Overall, GFI is a reliable company that provides innovative software solutions for SMBs.