A customer experience platform that helps businesses collect, analyze, and act upon customer feedback.
GetFeedback is a customer experience (CX) platform that helps businesses understand and take action based on customer feedback. It allows companies to pivot quickly based on the feedback received, driving more value both for their customers and their own business. The platform enables businesses to collect targeted feedback and combine it with customer data, allowing for quick iterations and improvements in digital experiences and customer interactions. With GetFeedback, companies can launch surveys in minutes and scale their feedback collection in days. The platform offers survey templates for Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort Score (CES), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), digital experiences, and purchase experiences. These surveys are fully branded and optimized for mobile devices, making it easy for customers to provide feedback anywhere. GetFeedback also offers real-time alerts and the ability to integrate feedback into existing tools. The platform supports advanced targeting through SMS and mobile-friendly emails, allowing businesses to ask the right questions to the right people at the right time. GetFeedback can also embed feedback collection into restricted or offline environments like ATMs and kiosks, eliminating blind spots. One of the key features of GetFeedback is its integration with Salesforce. The platform can be fully integrated into Salesforce clouds with just a few clicks, enriching Salesforce dashboards and reports with feedback. This integration allows businesses to take more targeted actions by segmenting feedback with key customer information. GetFeedback aims to help businesses deliver better experiences across the entire customer lifecycle. It handles customer experience management (CXM), freeing up businesses to focus on accelerating their CX programs. The platform helps improve customer retention, increase adoption of products or services, win loyalty, and bring back churned customers. GetFeedback has a track record of success and is trusted by companies like YETI. The platform is part of Momentive, which offers products to help industry leaders stay agile across their entire organization. Overall, GetFeedback is a comprehensive CX platform that helps businesses listen to and understand their customers, enabling them to act and create better experiences throughout the customer journey.