Helps streamline team communication and customer service by integrating mail and helpdesk. Enables efficient inbox management and facilitates personalized responses.
Front is a customer operations platform that helps teams streamline communication and deliver exceptional service at scale. It is designed to combine the efficiency of a help desk with the familiarity of email. With Front, teams can manage their shared inbox, collaborate effectively, access customer data, provide omnichannel support, gain insights and analytics, automate workflows, and integrate with other tools. Over 8,000 businesses have chosen Front for their customer conversations, from simple to complex. Front offers automation and attention, automatically aggregating and routing customer conversations to ensure they reach the right person. It also enables teams to provide personalized responses quickly, with every conversation surrounded by customer history and relevant data. Front provides a new level of visibility into both customer experience and team efficiency, allowing businesses to measure customer happiness and team performance. The platform combines the best features of email and help desks, offering built-in collaboration, personalization, and scalability. Front has demonstrated impressive results for its customers, including a 482% return on investment, 45.8% headcount avoidance, and responses to customers twice as fast. Enterprise businesses have seen a three-year net present value of $3.22 million by avoiding headcount, increasing customer retention, and discontinuing prior solutions. Front has received positive feedback from customers who appreciate its features, such as leaving comments on emails, escalating messages, and avoiding lost communication in Slack. The platform has been praised for making work email more bearable and for improving internal communication and prompt customer support. It is used by a variety of teams and industries, including customer support, sales, operations, IT, professional services, travel, logistics, finance, customer experience, B2B tech, manufacturing, and financial services. Front offers product integrations, API customization, and a flexible pricing model. Customers can request a demo or download the product to get started. They can also access resources like the Front Academy, Front Community, Front Page, and Help Center for learning and support. Front is a product of FrontApp, Inc., a company dedicated to providing exceptional customer operations solutions.