An infrastructure platform offering onboarding SDKs for smoother user experiences. Facilitates the creation of tours, checklists and announcements in products.
Frigade is a growth and onboarding infrastructure platform for developers. They have recently raised $3 million in a seed round. The platform offers an SDK for React, Javascript, and more, allowing developers to create smooth native onboarding experiences. Frigade provides beautifully designed web components and APIs for adding quality tours, checklists, and announcements to products. The SDKs are fully extensible, allowing developers to integrate with APIs, add custom components, write unit tests, and add version control. The platform has been trusted by modern software companies and has received positive feedback from users, including CTOs and engineers from Speedscale, Arc, Calm, LinkedIn, Vercel, Replo, Kraftful, and SaaSGrid. Frigade enables companies to optimize the user onboarding process from registration to retention, leveraging industry best practices. It offers features such as explainers, progress bars, forms, onboarding items based on role or permissions, native hotspots, tooltips, interactive product guides, and more. The platform also provides a component library with ready-made components for building high-quality user onboarding experiences quickly. Frigade offers integrations with Segment, Mixpanel, Sendgrid, and more for targeting, analytics, and communications. It includes a lightweight CMS for updating and testing onboarding copy and content, as well as versioning capabilities to manage multiple versions of onboarding. Frigade also tracks onboarding progress and provides observability into the customer journey, facilitating the kick-off of automated workflows. The platform is praised for its ease of integration and iteration on onboarding experiences, as well as its well-designed components. Frigade's goal is to help developers uplevel their products and leave a strong first impression with users. They emphasize that a good onboarding flow is critical for apps and can make or break the user experience. Frigade is free to get started with and is loved by builders.