Enables businesses to easily set up, automate, and track customer behavioral data for product improvement, driving engagement and increasing retention.
Freshpaint is a powerful data platform that allows product, data, and marketing teams to easily set up and track customer behavioral data to improve their product, drive engagement, and increase retention. With over 100+ integrations available for analytics, advertising, email, and more, Freshpaint helps automate site instrumentation and tedious integrations with just one click. Freshpaint's autotracking feature captures customer actions on your product or site, allowing you to implement customer data faster without relying on engineering resources. The platform also offers a visual tagger, which allows non-engineers to configure customer events in minutes by simply pointing and clicking on any element. Freshpaint's hybrid approach to event tracking eliminates up to 70% of manually coded events, making it easier to set up server-side events. The platform also ensures HIPAA compliance by default, allowing healthcare providers to utilize tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Ads in a HIPAA compliant way without the need for a full-time engineer. With Freshpaint, you can access the customer data you need to drive growth without the dependency on developers, making it a valuable resource for businesses looking to optimize their digital marketing strategies.