A high-volume hiring platform that streamlines recruiting for global brands by focusing on automation and AI, providing solutions for various industries.
Fountain is a high-volume hiring platform designed to streamline and scale the recruiting function for global brands. Their mobile-first platform keeps candidates engaged and efficiently moves quality talent through the hiring pipeline, reducing time to hire. The platform is specifically designed for hourly workers, aiming to get applicants to their first day of work quickly. By leveraging automation and artificial intelligence, Fountain helps businesses find and hire the right candidates faster, saving recruitment spend and reducing time and effort for recruiters. The platform also offers powerful hiring workflows with customizable qualification steps, conversational AI to save recruiter time, and intelligent integrations to tailor the hiring experience to specific business needs. Fountain is trusted by leading brands and has shown a 96% reduction in time-to-hire. They provide industry-specific solutions for retail, manufacturing, logistics, hospitality, healthcare, delivery, food and beverage, professional services, and grocery. Additionally, they offer resources such as blog articles, case studies, data sheets, webinars, and more to support users in optimizing their hiring processes. Fountain is committed to data security and offers support through their API documentation, status page, and help center.