Provides integrated, automated cybersecurity solutions for comprehensive network protection and simplified management.
Fortinet is a global leader in cybersecurity solutions and services. They offer a comprehensive range of network security solutions, including their Security Fabric Mesh platform, which addresses the rapid proliferation of network edges, complex management, and increasingly sophisticated threats. Fortinet's AI-powered security is integrated with networking across all edges, allowing organizations to achieve better user experiences. They also provide a complete work-from-anywhere solution, securing and connecting remote employees and devices to critical resources. Fortinet's cloud security solutions are natively integrated across all major cloud platforms and technologies, enabling reduced operational complexity, greater visibility, and robust security effectiveness. Their Security Fabric integrates industry-leading security solutions to provide broad visibility across the IT-OT (Information Technology - Operational Technology) attack surface while automating operations and providing continuous trust assessments. Fortinet also offers automated security operations in a consolidated platform, reducing cyber risk and attack impact by speeding up detection and response. With over 680,000+ customers trusting them with their cybersecurity solutions, Fortinet is committed to accelerating security, maximizing productivity, preserving user experience, and lowering total cost of ownership for industries worldwide. They have also partnered with various sports organizations and events, showcasing their expertise and innovative security solutions in securing digital innovation journeys. Overall, Fortinet provides a broad, integrated, and automated cybersecurity platform to secure the entire digital attack surface and simplify management, making them a reliable choice for organizations seeking comprehensive protection and enhanced productivity.