A comprehensive workflow automation tool to streamline processes, gather data, and manage e-signatures for various industries.
Formstack is an all-in-one workflow automation software that allows users to capture data, generate documents, and collect digital signatures. With over 140 million workflows automated and counting, Formstack is a powerful tool for automating processes and delivering frictionless digital experiences. The software is used by 25,000+ organizations across various industries, including healthcare, education, financial services, and software. Formstack offers a centralized platform that replaces a network of point solutions, allowing users to automate sales processes, employee onboarding, and more. The software enables users to create workflows without code, build forms and surveys, simplify document preparation, and collect eSignatures. It also integrates with over 250 business systems and offers an open API to keep information consistent and streamline data management. The platform includes several features to simplify work and deliver exceptional digital experiences, such as digital forms, document generation, and eSignature collection. Users can power their data collection with versatile online forms, eliminate manual data entry with a document generator, and collect digital signatures for forms and documents on any device. Formstack also offers seamless integration with Salesforce, turning it into a single source of truth for organizations. It provides pre-built templates for quick workflow setup, demo options to get started, and a dedicated team for assistance. The software has been proven to save teams an average of 17 hours per week and has been used to automate over 140 million interactions in the last 12 months by leading organizations. Customer testimonials highlight the ease of use and versatility of Formstack, with users praising its ability to solve various problems and provide interoperability in one platform. Formstack has been recognized as a leader in Online Forms, Document Generation, and eSignatures by G2. Overall, Formstack's all-in-one workflow automation software is ideal for organizations looking to streamline processes, save time, and deliver exceptional digital experiences. With its user-friendly interface, no-code workflows, and extensive integration options, Formstack is a powerful tool for businesses across industries.