Allows easy creation and customization of online forms with a user-friendly interface and various form options.
Formlets is an online form creator that allows users to easily create and customize beautiful and effective online forms. With a user-friendly drag and drop interface, users can adapt every detail of their forms to match their style and language. The platform offers a wide range of form options including contact forms, order forms, surveys, and more, allowing users to collect and manage data in their mailbox, on XLS, and integrate with over 2000 platforms. One of the standout features of Formlets is its free forever plan, which includes unlimited form submits and does not require any signup or credit card information. The platform is trusted by over 50,000 businesses and offers additional services such as a full-service "We build for you" agency and integration team for a fixed monthly price. For those looking for business software solutions, Formlets' sister site Struso offers a generous free offering. With a commitment to customer support, Formlets provides a contact form and email support for any questions or inquiries. Formlets is a reliable and convenient tool for businesses and individuals looking to create professional and functional online forms.