Provides free access to a broad range of high quality fonts, with customization options for design needs.
Fontshare is a free fonts service provided by the Indian Type Foundry (ITF), offering accessibility to high-quality fonts. With a collection of 100 font pairs and 59 different licenses, Fontshare caters to various design needs. The website features a wide range of font categories, including sans, serif, slab, display, handwritten, and script. Users can customize their font selection by specifying the number of styles, weight, width, contrast, edges, x-height, and personality. The available font sizes range from 210px to 280px, offering flexibility for different design requirements. The website allows users to sort fonts based on different criteria such as newness, popularity, and alphabetical order. Fontshare also offers a selection of Fontshare Originals, which are unique fonts designed by the Indian Type Foundry. With its extensive font library and user-friendly interface, Fontshare is a valuable resource for designers and creators seeking high-quality, free fonts.