A resource offering free fonts and pairings, specifically for creative and design needs.
Fontpair is a website that provides free and beautiful fonts, as well as font pairings, curated specifically for design projects. The website offers a variety of font categories like Sans-Serif, Serif, Slab, Monospace, Display, and Handwriting, allowing users to easily explore and find the perfect font for their needs. In addition to individual fonts, Fontpair also offers font combinations, providing hand-picked suggestions for complementary fonts to use together. The website aims to inspire creativity and offers a PDF look book with over 100 pages of free font inspiration, combinations, and recommendations. Fontpair also offers a subscription to their newsletter, through which subscribers receive fresh free fonts directly in their inbox every month. With a growing community of 8,000 subscribers, Fontpair is a valuable resource for designers looking for high-quality fonts to enhance their projects.