Flux Academy
Provides comprehensive online courses in web design through an interactive, flexible platform.
Flux Academy is an online school that offers comprehensive courses to help individuals become high-value web designers. With a focus on teaching the necessary skills to design premium websites and develop them using Webflow, Flux Academy aims to help its students create successful and fulfilling careers in freelance web design. The courses provided by Flux Academy are taught by top-tier freelance web designers with years of experience, who share their own frameworks and strategies used in their businesses. Students have the flexibility to learn at their own pace with lifetime access to the courses and can benefit from the Flux Community for networking, insights, and business opportunities. The academy has gained the trust of over 8,500 designers worldwide, and their testimonials reflect the success and impact of the courses. In addition to their courses, Flux Academy offers free resources, weekly updates with high-value tips, and expert workshops to further enhance the skills of web designers. With a blog that covers various topics related to web design, Flux Academy aims to provide a comprehensive learning experience for aspiring web designers.