An interactive design tool for prototypes, offering advanced functionalities and real-time previews.
Flinto is a powerful Mac app designed for top designers to create interactive and animated prototypes of their app designs. It is compatible with macOS 10.14 and iOS 12.0 or newer. With Flinto, designers can easily design transitions between screens using the Transition Designer, create micro-interactions using the Behavior Designer, and import designs directly from Sketch or Figma. The app offers a wide range of gestures, including taps, swipes, scrolls, and even 3D touch, allowing users to navigate their prototypes seamlessly. Additionally, Flinto provides advanced drawing tools for designing UI elements within the app itself, along with the ability to add scrolling functionality and scroll-based animations to any group. Fine-tuned control over cubic-bezier or spring easing for each layer, haptic feedback, sound effects, and video layers are also available. Users can preview their work on-device in real-time using Flinto's iOS app, and export recordings of their prototypes as videos or GIFs. Flinto even offers Dribbble integration, making it easy to share designs directly on the popular platform. With extensive documentation, an active community, and over 100 tutorial videos, Flinto is easy to learn and offers comprehensive support to its users. Try Flinto for free with a 14-day trial and experience its intuitive features and functionalities for yourself.