Provides a large database of vector icons and stickers in various formats for design use.
Flaticon is a website that offers a vast collection of vector icons and stickers for designers and developers. With a database of over 11.2 million vector icons and stickers, it is the largest database of its kind, providing free resources for any project. The website offers icons in various formats, including PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD, and CSS, allowing users to download them in the format they need. Additionally, Flaticon provides specialized icons for interfaces and animated icons for creating stunning projects. They also offer sticker collections for websites, apps, or any other place where stickers are needed. The website provides tools to help users organize their icons, such as creating multiple collections and customizing the color and size of the icons. Flaticon even offers an API and integration with Google Workspace, making it easier to use the icons in various applications. The website regularly updates its collection and features, ensuring users get the most out of their Flaticon experience. In addition to the free resources, Flaticon offers a premium option for users who want to sell their own icons. Overall, Flaticon is a valuable resource for designers and developers, providing a wide range of high-quality vector icons and stickers in multiple formats.